We have crafted a stunning mobile application that caters to the vibrant and captivating club and bar scene. Our app provides users with unparalleled access to the latest happenings in the city, thanks to its cutting-edge event tracking system. But we didn't stop there, as we added an advanced facility selection tool and social functionality, creating an experience that surpasses any competitor.  

Our app unlocks the essence of nearby bars, allowing you to explore every facet of these hidden gems, from their cuisine and pricing to their event lineup and even the ambience within. We've organized this information into a sleek and intuitive catalog, ensuring that you'll never get lost in the labyrinth of options. With our service, you can embark on a journey of discovery and experience the full spectrum of what the local bar scene has to offer.

People are the best advisers

Our application offers a unique proposition by combining the functionalities of a directory with those of a social network. Users can not only search for bars and clubs nearby, but also connect with others, share videos and photos, and keep themselves informed about the latest events. 

Our platform stands out due to its ability to provide a live feed of events, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere for users. By seamlessly integrating video and photo features, we've enhanced the user experience, allowing for a more engaging and immersive interaction with the app.

Entertainment experience driven by hard data

Our comprehensive approach to collecting and displaying meaningful data about both bars and visitors allows us to provide the most accurate recommendations, turning our app into a personal advisor and not just another guide service. 

Simpler choice based on your identity

Another key feature of our application is the intelligent questioning system that we've developed. By asking visitors unobtrusive yet informative questions, we're able to gather valuable data for both users and bar owners. This not only helps improve the user experience, but also provides actionable insights to optimize the offerings.

Making each question session unique and short, our system strikes the perfect balance between information gathering and user convenience, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

You can immediately start using the mobile application, but for greater convenience, the user can provide information about himself and his preferences. For bar owners, adding their own bar is almost as easy.

Through difference to success

By creating an app that reconsiders the traditional format of recommendation services, we are striving to change the approach to digitalization for small establishments. Searching for alternatives on a uniform market we create a new one.